CongratsSMS v. 6.3


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The position of the planets in the zodiac
in this moment


Since ancient times, people have observed and tracked the movements of the 5 brightest planets - Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn - in addition to the Sun and Moon. Today we know about two additional planets - Uranus and Neptune

Now Business Horoscope for every hour


A new feature expands the capabilities of the program. CongratsSMS will build you a natal birthday card and indicate the position of the planets for the current time. And most importantly, based on the position of the planets, the program will calculate the horoscope for each hour of the calendar day.

Calculation accuracy

When calculating the position of the planets, the algorithm of Pierre Brittanyon and Gerard Francois from the Bureau for Longitude is used, is probably the most used and most accurate solution.
Based on this, the program can calculate the position of the planets with an accuracy of ten thousandths of the current time.